Ms. Scenceable (scenceable) wrote in glory_and_roses,
Ms. Scenceable

polytrack at woodbine

yeah so this place is dead

but oh well

here's something weird, woodbine is getting polytrack, thats been known for a while, but guess when they're installing it? during july and august! the summer...why on earth, especially when they have seasonal racing, would they install it during the hot summer?

are they closing the racetrack while they are installing the poly.? noo. they are taking the dirt off the racetrack and putting it on the standardbred track, making a 7f. dirt track to use during the poly. installation. (for anyone who hasn't seen woodbine, they have a paved standardbred track in the middle (7f) a main dirt track on the outside of that (1m.) and a turf track farthest outside(1 1/2m))

so, are they running the queens plate on the tiny track then? ha ha. that'll bring lots of toursits. I think the trainers here won't be too keen to run their contenders on the tiny slanted standardbred track.

what do you guys think?
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