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Hi! Me again, stirring some more shit up. I say this because the last time I posted anything of this nature in here it was extremely poorly received, I guess because most people are more interested in glory than reality. However, I still feel that there is some good discussion that can be prodded out of this subject. So, if you'll bear with me through the personal story portion, I promise you'll be able to extract the gist of what I'm saying from the latter paragraphs of the entry.

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Originally posted around June 1st, but decided I want it to reach more people so I'm reposting it in more comms and on a couple outside message boards.

New Here

Not sure who's still reading, but figured I'd introduce myself.

I'm the managing partner (and majority shareholder) of

cara_blanco, an '04 Miesque's Son/Funny Values that's heading for TUP middle of next week. He's been off for nearly a year for a bowed tendon, but it's time to start his final conditioning at a larger track than the farm he's been at has. More information abouthim is over in his LJ.

I worked at Ballena Vista Farm  (warning there's sound --call to post-- on the first page!) in Ramona, CA for most of 2007 where I learned a lot about breeding and early breaking/training young race horses. I have met some great owners and trainers because of that job, so when the opportunity to take over ownership of Cara fell into my lap -- how could I resist?

And before all of that? I've been the typical horse-loving little girl who grew up and finally is starting to live her dream of owning a race horse. I'd like to pick up a 2 yo in training later this year, but that's all depending on how Cara does when he moves up to EmD after TUP.



Driver's Licenses and Trainer's Licenses Should Both Be Harder to Get!

This is hoped to be a conversation starter. I guess I'm what's called a "lurker" in a lot of communities. I'm a member. I read. I watch. Ocassionally I note. This is my first time posting. I would love to see as much activity in my horse communities as there is in my running and philosophy communities, mainly because horses consume most of my thoughts and time, and because my old body (21) doesn't hold up to much running anymore, and because the philosophy communities lately are a lot of superficial overeducated dribble that has been made deliberately inaccessable to all the lowest common denominators with it's boring and irrelevant analogies, references to authors whom no one with real-world experience and intellect could bear to read, and elitist vocabularies, all of which is done by the writers solely to make themselves feel superior, but really only makes for tedious and affected reading and discussions, and proves via their analogies that they aren't as smart as all their big words are meant to impress upon you, because if they were they would be able to concisely explain what they mean instead of having to compare skunks to apples to algebra, which is easy enough to follow but really detracts from the point.

The point is this: I am a cowboy (no, I don't have sexual identitiy issues; it just seems to me that most "cow-girls" tend to wear sequins and can't ride much, and I am not one of those, and most "equestriennes" tend to wear tights and formalize their riding to the same degree that the "philosophers" do their writing, and I am not one of those either) and don't feel inclined to stand on such ceremonies. I have an extensive vocabulary and education but prefer to just say what I mean in fairly plain terms, while at the same time trying not to sound like a complete hick, and apparently they don't like me for that. I make my living exercise riding at the racetrack (lately, Keeneland, but also The Thoroughbred Center out on Paris Pike (for those familiar with Lexington) where they stick all the trainers without the clout to get permanent stalls at Keeneland's Training Center during the frequent sales that run them off the backside, and previously at The Woodlands (Kansas City, Kansas side) and originally at Arapahoe Park in my home state of Colorado) and I've broken babies for the best and the worst in the world, and I shoe. I also love horses. Many of the horse rescue/animal rights activists and racing fans who have never actually been through the process of training racehorses that I see on these sites might not realize what a juxtaposition that is, but it's true. The racetrack is a bad place for horses. The actually "training" of the horse, mentally, is minimal at best, and most of the tactics used by riders and handlers to get around this disaster-waiting-to-happen once these large, high-strung flight animals are brought to fitness and fed up on "hot" grain is nothing short of abusive. Over half the horses I have galloped in my almost two years at the track have had something physically wrong with them that, in any other discipline, would be grounds to bring charges against any "horseman," if you can call them that, who continued to train on the horse, not to mention being a concern as related to the horse's ability to give it's top performance. There are a number of points I would like to bring up for discussion with anyone reading this who has an opinion:Collapse )
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funny cide is coming to woodbine.

I am so sneaking to the test barn to see him. if not there, then the recieving barn.

and nolans cat and scipion. WOW. and Im supposed to run a horse on saturday too...merh ah well. going to the races! dminion day stakes this saturday. w00t
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the queen's plate is this sunday at woodbine. I'm not sure yet if its on the main or the inside track...have they started installing the polytrack yet?

anyhow, I like the 3 horse. SHELLELAGH SLEW. its Mike Depaulo's horse (who I worked for for like 3 years) and I also spent a lot of time with this horse last year. (ie hosing his legs in 90 degree sun for half an hour everyday, lol) I'm sort of bummed Bad Hat isnt going to run, but ah well. In case anyone doesnt follow, Mike had 6 Queens Plate contenders (Golden Mood, Another Ascot, Mad Tide, Shellelagh Slew, Bad Hat and Cifercat) and yes, Cifercat is running. he was claimed and is now running. which is hilarious. I worked with him too, he won't win. nor will Edenwold. or Pyramid Park. besides those 3, who knows lol

I don't know much about Wanna Runner or Sterwins, but I also like Malakoff and Bridgecut. I think I'll pick better once I see some of these guys. ^__^ should be a good race, me and my friend are going to be there all day. too see Soaring Free run :D poor guy hasn't run much... and John Velasquez and Robby Albarado are coming up to woodbine that day too. it should be funn :D

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